Quality Policy
& Objective

We are committed in the development and the improvement of our Quality System to ensure that our designs, services and products are to the satisfaction of our customer.

We are determine to provide systematic and organize construction service in every aspect of quality and excellence, and timely completion to the satisfaction of clients needs supported by our dynamic leadership skilled, and committed teamwork incorporating latest technologies approach and innovative engineering solution.

We always make sure that our entire product supply such as raw material, component, equipment and finishing products are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure consistent reliability, fire performance and meet our client satisfactions.

We have chosen our Quality Policy and Quality Objective in a manner to ensure our customer utmost satisfaction in project delivery which comprise of scope, time, cost and quality.

Quality Policy
“Towards Total Safety and Customer Satisfaction through Continual Improvement”

It is the policy of the Management of Wintake Fire Engineering Sdn Bhd that Safety, Health and Environment are given the utmost priority in all the Company’s activities.

This will be achieved by the implementation of safe systems of work, training and the adaption of quality systems of work in all our activities.

It is the duty of every employee to ensure that they carry out the duties in such a manner as not to expose either themselves or others to hazards.

All employees have a duty to wear Personal Protective Equipment which is provided for them. They must sure that machinery and equipment is safe and compliance with established safe work practices and procedures

A safe working environment is the right of every employee and the duty of employer. This can only be achieved if everyone plays their part.


Safety and
Health Policy

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