By using the equipments and systems manufactured by our partners, we are able to offer the following custom designed integrated system to suit almost any application:

Fire Protection System:

1.  Clean Agent Gas Systems (INERGEN, NOVEC, FM200)

2. Foam Systems and equipments

3. Deluge and Water Spray Systems

4. Dry Chemical Systems

5. High and Low Pressure CO2 Systems

6. Water Mist Systems

6. Monitors – Manual and Remote Controls

7. Water Sprinkler Systems with associated Valves

9. Fire Detection, Alarm and Control Systems

10. Toxic Flammable Gas Detection and Control Systems

11. Ultraviolet/Infrared (UV/IR) Flame Detection Systems

12. Hydrant and Fittings, Fire Main Systems

13. Fire Suppression Kitchen Hood Systems

14. Vehicle Suppression Systems

15. Fire Extinguishers

Clean Agent Gas Extinguishing Systems (NOVEC, INERGEN, FM200)

High and Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems

Monitor Manual and Remote Control

Deluge and Water Spray Systems

Foam Extinguishing Systems and equipments

Dry Chemical System